The following is a brief account of Yule Goat's Christmas eve visit to Tilton Hollow, it may or may not be a work of fiction. A printed and signed copy of this was included in our Yule Goat Folklore & Traditions Gift Set.

{A visit from Yule Goat}

by Chad Snelling & Jeff Wince.

11:08 pm Christmas eve, at Tilton Hollow farm. it's a blustery 11 degrees. Farmer Chad and Farmer Jeff walk to the barn to tell everyone goodnight, make sure they are all comfy and happy, and to turn off the lights for the night. The goats are acting differently tonight...even Ivy the alpaca seems like she knows a secret. Oh matter. The farmers give some cuddles and snuggles, turn off the lights, and go back to the farmhouse. Meanwhile, back in the barn....everyone is trying to sleep but are almost giddy with anticipation, because this is a night like no other. Midnight, the farmhouse is dark. The farmers are snuggled in and dreaming of sugarplums...or new muck boots. The wind is picking up, a light snow is falling and looks magical, illuminated by the exterior barn lights and the bright Christmas moon breaking through the clouds. Suddenly, they hear it...the faint sound of footsteps on the concrete floor in the center of the barn, they hear the breathing, is this a predator? A thief in the night? Shouldn't Gwynavyr and Hazel, the guardian dogs, be going after this mysterious visitor? Even they seem to be in on the secret. Everyone wants to peek, but they know that's against the rules. The visitor gets to work. It's all finished in a matter of minutes. The barn is warm with the full magic of the season and the magic of the hollow. They know they will wake to a bounty of apples, peppermints, pine boughs, and all their hearts desire...maybe an espresso maker? Then.. a whisper...the voice is not a human, they know this is the one and only Yule Goat, ... "Tidings of yule, for all of your days, you are the magic."