We are Jeff Wince and Chad Snelling, owners of Tilton Hollow Farm in Ohio. We are celebrating our 25th year as a couple! We both still have to work fulltime jobs, T, we run our farm, we have insanely busy lives, but our life on the farm is more rewarding than we ever imagined. Our farm was originally founded in 1823 by the Tilton family. We honor them in the name of the farm and in the way we farm. We use traditional methods wherever possible and try to leave the land better than we find it. We also hope to educate people on the wonderful animals that share our lives…they are NOT livestock…they are family.

We hope to continue the proud tradition of farming this beautiful property, and to grow/raise our own food in a humane/ethical way...and educate and encourage others to do the same...and to raise awareness of the benefits of supporting local humane/ethical farms. We treat our animals with respect and a lot of love to give them wonderful lives in return for the wonderful products they help us create!

We have a herd of very spoiled dairy goats, chickens, heritage breed turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, sheep, bees, even an Alpaca (Ivy, a real sweetheart

We’re in the process of writing our first book! Learn about it here