We have decided we have no choice other than to close our online store. We are in the process of working to secure funds to issue refunds for existing orders, or you can choose to have your order filled with our {Raaw}, {Beekeeper}, or {Black Goat} soap...(any combination of those 3) Please be patient and understand we have not forgotten you, we are simply in a serious financial crisis and are working hard to resolve all issues related to the business, and try to create a business model that will keep Tilton Hollow soap available, while not overwhelming us with work and you with wait times and frustration.  a lot of you have asked if we will ever have soap available again... We hope to be able to do occasional online "Pop-up" sales in the future where the soap would be made in advance, wrapped and ready to ship, taking orders only for what is available for that sale....but..time will tell if that is something we can do. Thank you for your patience, love, & support, you truly mean the world to us.

Many of you have asked about the goats...yes they are still here, and we have no plans of them going anywhere...they are family. We appreciate you asking about them.