A Farm, A Brand, A  Lifestyle, & A Movement

What does this mean?

The farm: We are passionate about honoring many of the traditional farming methods used by the Tiltons when they first established the farm in 1823, we hope to leave the land, and the property better than we found it. We are working to provide as much of our own food as possible, we share the garden scraps with the animals, and Gwynavyr, & Hazel our livestock guardian dogs love fresh goat milk with their food! We use no chemicals of any kind in the gardens, on the lawn, in the animal feed, or in our products. We are dedicated to treating our animals with the highest regard, while letting them live as naturally as possible. We treat our animals as members of the family, and welcome those that other farms would discard. They aren't livestock, they're family. Tilton Hollow isn't about production animals, it's about inspiring people to live seasonally, and think differently about "farm animals".

The Brand: Our 100% natural goat milk soap, is made by hand, here at the farm in small batches. We use only natural essential oils for scent, and never use dyes or anything artificial. Our soap is palm oil-free, gentle on your skin, and it’s all because of these wonderful, magical goats. We think it’s the best soap in the world!

The lifestyle: We want to inspire and share what we've learned, about growing food, keeping bees, living seasonally, up-cycling found treasures, animal husbandry etc.. If we can do it, you can do it!! So many wonderful traditions and "ways" have largely faded from our society, we hope to encourage people to get to know their neighbors, build a strong community, teach children about growing food, spend time cooking with your family and friends, baking bread, turn off the TV, unplug a bit and take time to appreciate.

The movement: Raw milk, keeping a few chickens for eggs, right to farm, these are things that should be encouraged and embraced by those in power...sadly, in many states and communities people are having to fight for the right to live a lifestyle that was once the norm. More and more people are discovering the benefits of drinking raw milk from healthy, well-cared for animals.  We need to speak loudly and clearly to those in power that factory farms, (where animals are treated horribly) growth hormones, chemicals, and drugs are not what we want in our food, while we continue to encourage more people to grow their own food, and/or buy from trusted local farms who do it the right way, and put more focus on renewable energy (water, solar, wind etc..)