As anyone who has visited the Hollow or who is a friend on Facebook knows, Chad and Jeff are passionate about animal rescue. We currently have 3 dogs, two who are pound rescues. We foster dogs as often as we can. We have a relocated feral cat (who loves to cuddle now) as a barn kitty. 

 We're starting off with a wonderful bar soap for dogs, called Paaw, it has all the natural goodness of our goat milk soap along with bentonite clay  and an essential oil blend that is great for dogs' skin. Bentonite clay was called 'mud that heals' by Native Americans. It is said to draw toxins from the skin and soothe irritated skin. It is said to be great for hot spots.

 We want to use this product to help animals that are in need. For every "Paaw" we sell through our website, we will donate $2 from each bar to a  rescue cause chosen by us. We will post our donations on our website and Facebook page.

 For all those animal rescues out there, we want to help your individual rescues. You can think of it as a permanent fundraiser. If you want to sign up your rescue, contact us via our web page contact form. We'll set up a code for your rescue. Share our soap however you wish and have people put in your rescue's code when they make a purchase. We'll give $2 from each Paaw bar sold with this code to your rescue, paid monthly.

 We hope this will be a way to help a lot of dogs in need along with a great way to make sure your pooch's skin and coat are in tip-top shape. We have a lot of product ideas in mind for our furry friends. If there's something you'd love to see, just let us know.

 We are going to call our program Phoebe's Playground Animal Rescue Fund by Tilton Hollow. Phoebe was a dog that shared our lives for 11 years. Thanks to her, we will always have a Heeler or Heeler mix (not that we'll limit ourselves to just one ;-) ).  We found out that she loved to drag all kinds of things under the bed, one time when flipping the mattress. Jeff looked at the assortment of toys, bones, and household items and said, "Oh look, it's Phoebe's playground." Chad recorded a song with the same title when he was pursuing his dream of rockstar, before he figured out he really wanted to be a farmer. In memory of Phoebe and all the past, present, and future animals who make our lives better, we are thrilled to do this!