Have an event that you would like to have Jeff and Chad speak at or do a demonstration? 

What do we talk about? We talk about living a more sustainable life (sharing things we've learned and are still learning), we talk about making your own chemical-free cleaning products, growing and raising your own food, finding local farms for the best naturally-grown food, easy bread recipes, we do cheese-making demos, fermenting demos, bread-making, and much more! talk about our Tilton Hollow products, life on the farm (lot's of entertaining stories). We also do soap making demos, and explain the "Classically traditional revolution" brand mission.

*We can also have products available for sale at events. 

*We do not bring animals (baby goats etc..) to any appearances, they are happiest on the farm. 

Use the form below (below the photos) to inquire about scheduling and fees. 


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