{Black Goat} - With Activated Charcoal. Unscented


{Black Goat} - With Activated Charcoal. Unscented


"Ever since receiving a sample from your Open House my skin has made a total transformation. I have been struggling with acne since I was a teenager, I've tried everything from using prescriptions to receiving chemical peels but this has by far been the best and is not as harsh on my skin. Thanks Tilton Hollow can't wait to see what other products you create! "(Cayla C. Ohio)

Our famous "Black Goat" soap. This has become our signature soap, with customers raving about it's effect on their skin!

100% natural Goat milk, drawing soap with activated charcoal. 

Activated Charcoalis said to have antibacterial properties that have been said to help heal wounds.
It's said to draw impurities and toxins out of the skin, helping to relieve acne and other skin problems.

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 Tilton Hollow Farm raw goat milk, saponified oils of olive, coconut, avocado. shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, activated charcoal.

*May stain light-colored washcloths.


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