{Remember Betty Collection} With 15% going to "Remember Betty" Providing financial support to breast cancer patients & survivors


{Remember Betty Collection} With 15% going to "Remember Betty" Providing financial support to breast cancer patients & survivors


We are proud to be partnered with "Remember Betty

After the death of his mother, Betty, from breast cancer in 1999, New Kids On The Block member Danny Wood searched for a way to keep her memory alive. During his break from NKOTB in the 90’s and early 2000’s, he partnered with well known breast cancer charities to help raise funds for breast cancer research & early detection. The return of NKOTB in 2008 gave Danny a larger audience for the story of his mother and her fight against breast cancer. Fans began walking & raising money directly for these charities at breast cancer awareness races across the US and Canada in 2009. Rallying behind their brother, the members of NKOTB created pink ribbon items to sell during their reunion tour. Using his mother’s memory as inspiration, Danny released a solo album, ‘Stronger: Remember Betty’, with all proceeds being donated directly to a well known breast cancer charity.

In 2015, unsatisfied with the status quo of larger breast cancer charities, Danny ventured out to make Remember Betty a 501c3 organization. There was an immediate and impactful rally of support from donors and volunteers who had grown weary of donations going to pay excessive CEO salaries instead of in to programs that helped their loved ones and neighbors.

15% of the purchase price of this collection goes directly to "Remember Betty

This collection includes:

{Beekeeper} Goat Milk & Honey, with Lavender

Beekeeper-100% natural goat milk soap with raw wildflower honey,(from the Tilton Hollow hives), & lavender.

 {Beekeeper} you'll love the relaxing lavender scent....and the soothing honey, raw, wildflower honey, from the hives right here at Tilton Hollow! Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties and is an effective treatment for minor wounds and burns. Lavender essential oil is said to inhibit the bacteria that causes skin infection. Due to the antiseptic and anti-fungal properties found in Lavender Essential Oil it can be used to treat and soothe various skin problems like acne and psoriasis, cuts, scrapes, burns, and sunburns

4 oz bar.          

 Tilton Hollow Farm raw goat milk, saponified oils of olive, coconut. avocado, shea butter, raw wildflower honey, pumpkin seed oil, essential oil.


{Maask} Goat Milk & Clay Face mask

{Maask} is a nourishing face mask, with bentonite clay, goat milk & essential oil of lavender

Wash you face, with your favorite Tilton Hollow soap, (don't you think it's silly when companies say things like that...haha!) mix a little {Maask} with some water...in your hand..a small bowl..whatever you like, apply to your face, leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.

Doesn't take much..a little goes a long way!

2 oz jar


{Milk & Butter} Goat Milk & Shea Butter Moisturizing Salve

{Milk & Butter} is a classic hand salve.

Goat milk is very similar in pH to our skin,  is very high in vitamins A, B, and E, with beta carotene, and  helpful acids, goat milk is by far the most superior milk when it comes to hydration, and skin nutrition.  Carrot seed essential oil is known as a powerful skin healing oil. We combined Tilton Hollow goat milk, with  shea butter for it's light feel while providing moisture. Sweet almond oil has rich emollient properties and doesn't clog the pores. It is an excellent moisturizer loaded with important vitamins and fatty acids essential to the skin. We add an essential oil blend that folklore says is one of the best remedies for a wide range of skin ailments and conditions, including eczema and dermatitis. and is said to have antibiotic properties. All-natural beeswax stabilizes the mixture. A little of our {Milk & Butter} Salve goes a long way. We find it is absorbed readily by the skin.  

As always, use caution around the eyes. The only animals our products are tested on are our family and friends.

1 oz tin. A little goes a long way.

Contains: Shea butter, beeswax, pumpkin seed oil, goat milk, essential oils, carrot seed oil.


{Heirloom Washcloth} 100% Cotton, Handmade at Tilton Hollow Farm

The {Heirloom Washcloth} is a handmade, 100% cotton washcloth, made by farmer Jeff, or farmer Jeff's mom, Cathy (we call her Ma)

Color: Tilton Hollow Gray

The washcloth measures aprox 7" x 7"


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