{Yule Goat Folklore & Traditions Collection} Box Set


{Yule Goat Folklore & Traditions Collection} Box Set


Our {Yule Goat Folklore & Traditions Collection} Box Set is a wonderful keepsake from our house to yours.

The set includes our 

{Yule Goat Ornament} Handmade, Stuffed With Alpaca Fiber.

This  adorable goat ornament is fashioned after our own Gabby (our very first goat) and is handmade by Chad's sister Terri, using fiber from Tilton Hollow's very sweet and opinionated alpaca, Ivy, for the tail, beard, and inner-stuffing.

A truly unique,  handcrafted item that will bring the charm of the farm to your tree, year after year.

Each one is hand-cut, and sewn. 

Available in your choice of white, light brown, Christmas red plaid, Red stripe/Candy cane

Aprox. 4 in. W x 3.5 in. H


{Hand-embellished Yule Goat illustration} 

This is an illustration by farmer Chad himself! Printed on high quality cardstock and hand-embellished, signed and dated by farmer Chad.


{Goat-Shaped Soap}

We don't usually do soaps in special shapes...but for this..we will! 

100% natural unscented goat milk soap...shaped like a goat!

Aprox 3 oz bar


{History and Lore of Yule Goat}

A printed history of the lore and traditions associated with Yule Goat. 


{Yule Goat Visits Tilton Hollow}

An original, and charming short story of Yule Goat's visit to Tilton Hollow.

Printed on high quality cardstock, signed and dated.


{Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Cookie Recipe}

Each color of ornament will come with a different recipe. Handwritten on a recipe card.



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