Current situation:

Please help us save the farm! 
The huge, and unexpected growth our soap business experienced in late 2016, became increasingly difficult for such a small farm/business to keep up with, and after a year of trying to get ahead of it...we are left in a financial situation that has the farm at immediate risk of foreclosure. 

We have stopped taking new orders for soap for the time being, as we work to satisfy existing orders and restructure Tilton Hollow into something that is sustainable.  Our farm is about giving animals...some that would have been cast aside or sent to slaughter by other farms, a wonderful life, we aren't simply about  production...the animals are treated like family...and that makes for a difficult financial model, but we don't believe in throwing animals away. This farm is ingrained in us...embedded in our souls, the animals, the history, the traditions, We can't let this slip away. Please spread the word from the highest mountain, about these 2 passionate guys and 28 spoiled goats... trying to inspire others to live simpler lives, sharing what we've learned about seasonal living, animal husbandry, growing and preserving food, renewable energy, foraging, etc..  while being an asset to the community around us, and recalling some long-forgotten traditions. We don't want to lose these animals.....and we don't want these animals to lose us.  We understand that we aren't victims, our current situation is a result of choices we've made and risks we've taken. I never my wildest dreams imagined I would be a farmer...or milk goats....or ..that I would truly feel like it was the beginning of me being who I was always meant to be...but just didn't know it. Now..6 years later, in this uncertainty...I'm shaken to my core at the thought of not being a farmer...not milking goats, and caring for them....making sure they are warm on the coldest nights, comforting them when they are scared or seeing to them as they bring new life into the world...or simply speaking out as their voice to let the world know they are more than "livestock".