Have a store credit from a 2017 order? Each pop up sale we will add inventory to this page to be used for credit customers, it is first come, first served, but if stock is depleted when you get here…don’t despair…another pop up sale will be right around the corner! Thank you for sticking with us. This method of credits may not be perfect…but we are doing the best we can and appreciate your patience with us. Your credit is total dollar amount for product and shipping…so if your dollar amount total with shipping was 35.00 then you have 35 total credit. Do you have to use it all at once? Not really…if you wanted to get one bar now and more later, we would deduct the amount for the one bar and shipping from your credit…whatever is left could be used for more product and shipping during another sale, until the full dollar amount is used.

RED - Linen & Room Spray
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{Breathe} Natural Mentholated Rub
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{Revere} Beard & Shave Oil

{Revere} has Avocado oil, castor oil and a unique blend of essential oils, that not only nourish and soften your beard, but also have a great, woodsy,& classic, masculine scent.

1 oz reusable amber glass bottle

A little goes a long way! Just a few drops (or about a dime size) in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together then massage through your beard. If you're a shaver, this gives you a smooth, comfortable shave when applied before, shave soap, or even on it's own!

Avocado oil, castor oil, essential oils

*Always test on a small area of skin for any allergic reaction


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