2 guys. a bunch of very spoiled dairy goats, 6 sheep, some chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, guineas, assorted barn cats, our 6 wonderful dogs, and one VERY opinionated alpaca..her name is Ivy.

The farmhouse and original farm were established in 1823 by the Tilton family, We hope to continue the proud tradition of farming this beautiful property, and to grow & raise our own food in a humane and ethical way...and educate and encourage others to do the same...and to raise awareness of the benefits of supporting local farms, and taking a stand against factory farms, where animal abuse is the accepted norm, and the food supplied by these factory farms contains chemicals, drugs, and hormones. Technology and progress are wonderful things, but at some point we have to take an honest look at where we are and see where we need to turn back the clock a bit. Okay, enough ranting for the moment, the bottom line is, we treat our animals with respect and a lot of love to give them wonderful lives. in return for the wonderful meals (cheese, eggs etc) they help us create! Hopefully along the way we inspire a few of you to do the same, and please get to know farmers in your area, learn how they raise their animals and grow their produce. The family farm is a critically endangered treasure in our country.

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